Our Estate in located in Tembleque, in the geographic centre of the Iberian Peninsula. It belongs to the province of Toledo and it is just off the A4 motorway that runs from Madrid to Andalucia. It is just 92 Lm. From Madrid and 55 from Toledo, capital city of the province.

The history of Tembleque is linked to Toledo´s history. The town was a Carpetan settlement before falling under roman domination. Following Visigoth and Muslim domination, it was overtaken by Christian troops alter Toledo`s conquest by King Alfonso VI in 1085 ad. and put under the Consuegra administration. Around 1183 ad. King Alfonso VII donated Consuegra and all its territory to the order of San Juan de Jerusalén.

Just after the battle of Navas de Tolosa the prior of the San Juan order awarded Tembleque the status of township in 1241 . In 1509 queen Juana awards the twon the status of Villa.
During the moderm era the town went through decadent times, in decline during the XVIII and XIX centuries. In the XX century, after the mechanization of farming, its population has stabilized at about 2000 inhabitants, dedicated basically to faming and public sevices.