How to preserve Artequeso



It makes a difference if it`s a whole wheel, a wheel cut in wedges, or cheese in olive oil. Basically it needs to be kept at a temperature of berween 5 and 10 ºC.

If it has been cut in pieces, and too prevent it from drying, it is advisable to wrap it in a cloth an keep it inside a plastic bag or, even beter, in aluminium paper. Keep it in the lower part of the refrigerator. It is good to turn it every 8 or 10 days.

The cut face is where the cheese dries faster. To prevent it from drying, even if we are going to have it in just 2 days, before covering it with a cloth and/or aluminium paper, it`s good to smear some olive oil on it.

wedges can be left on a plate covered with a cloth or aluminium paper.

Cheese in olive oil must be left in a fresh place (temperature under 20ºC)

It is advisable to take the cheese out or the refrigerator at least 2 hour before eating it as the ideal temperature for consumption is of around 22ºC.