Orange goat´s




  • Type of paste: Pressed, firm, with eyes unequally distributed.
  • Produced with Raw goat millk and paprika from "La Vera"
  • Optimun Curation 4-6 months
  • Rind: Clearly definied. Rough. Smeared with paste of soft paprika and with a protector mold film. Inedible
  • Colour: Orange, of paprika. Irregular, dotted with more orangish
  • Smell: Soft and lactic. Remind to paprika.
  • Taste: Lactic and acidified shades, with reminds to soft paprika.
  • Texture: Elastic.
  • Sizes:
    - Small wheels of approx. 1,0 Kg.
    - Large wheels or approx. 3,2 Kg.
    - Wedges of 275 gr/ approx. Weight
  • Ring and dough with Paprika from "La Vera"
  • Cases: 2 units.
  • Cases: 6 small units.