Rosemary covered sheep`s milk cheese




  • Type of paste: Pressed, firm, with eyes unequally distributed.
  • Produced with Raw sheep milk
  • Aged for 15 months
  • Rind: Cheese covered with blend of lard and rosemary in vacuum packed
  • Colour: White – Ivory.Rind greenish (covered with rosemary).
  • Smell: Soft and lactic. Reminds to rosemary.
  • Taste: Lactic shades with prevalence of rosemary intensified with maduration, residual taste to rosemary.
  • Texture: Elastic.
  • Sizes:
    - Large wheels of approx. 3.2 Kg.
    - Wedges of both fixed or approx. Weight.
  • Covered with Rosemary and lard.
  • cases: 2 or 4 large units.