Manchego Cheese D.O. In Olive Oil




  • Type of paste: Pressed, firm, with eyes unequally distributed.
  • Produced with Raw Manchego sheep milk
  • Aged for 12 months.
  • Rind: Marked with grooves in the cylindrical part and with flowers in the flat sides. Protective mold film (inedible).
  • Colour: Ivory, darked by the olive oil. It can has red zones.
  • Smell: Intense and strong. To olive oil
  • Taste: Tasty, to olive oil, intense and a little spicy. Long aftertaste, intense and pleasant.
  • Texture: Flexible, it doesn’t break when you cut in fine slices.
  • Maduration: Two months in drying place and 8-10 months in olive oil.
  • Sizes:
    - Large wheel in plastic tub cut in twelves
    - Vacuum packed wedges.
    - Glass Jars.
  • Cases:
    - 1 plastic tub
    - 20 wedges
    - 7 glass jars