Cured Manchego Cheese D.O.




  • Type of paste: Pressed, firm, with eyes unequally distributed.
  • Produced with Raw Manchego Sheep milk.
  • Aged for 12 months.
  • Rind: Marked with grooves in the cylindrical part and with flowers in the flat sides. Protective mold film (inedible).
  • Colour: Ivory
  • Smell: Lactic. Aromas which are identified with raw milk.
  • Taste: Lactic and tasty. After taste, lactic, persistent and very pleasant.
  • Texture: Elastic. Easy to cut.
  • Sizes:
    - Small wheels or approx. 1,0 Kg
    - Large wheels or approx 3,2 Kg.
    - Wedges of 275 gr / approx. weight
  • Natural cover with Olive Oil.
  • Cases: 2 units.
  • Cases: 6 small units.